About Me

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I did my BA in agronomy at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, specializing in plants' diseases and pests. When I was 39, after 15 years of working as an agronomist, I decided to change fields and went to study cosmetics. I myself had unsolved issues with my facial skin - more about that in the book. I wanted to be a different kind of cosmetician than any I'd known. I wanted to understand the hidden ingredients of the products and to suit them precisely to my clients. Due to my academic background in plants as well as my personal inclination, I preferred the use of natural substances, so I learned how to produce natural creams, I opened a skincare salon, and ... I started to work.
I'm not gullible by inclination, and I examine even published research meticulously. I have to check things in depth, to be convinced that there are no hidden commercial motives or false conclusions behind the publications. I enjoy helping people and improving their conditions, and can testify to extremely high integrity. These three features have led me to probe the symptoms I've encountered during my clients' treatments, and to understand the reasons for their appearance.
Experience makes us wiser, and my actual work has led me to understand much more beyond the scope of my studies at the school for cosmeticians, or from reading articles. After 12 years of work, studies and observation, and having accumulated knowledge that many of skin doctors tend to skip over, I decided to write a book for people who really want to know and understand - people suffering from skin problems as well as those treating them.