Did you ever think that knowledge could also transform external appearances?

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Knowledge is power, money and influence. Did you ever think that knowledge could also transform external appearances? I discovered that it definitely can! Knowledge influences our decisions, our conclusions

When we lack knowledge about health we become influenced by every commercial, crazy unobjective study or vloggers and bloggers for health and beauty - whose education in the field, as well as their reliability and experience, are to be doubted. 

When we lack knowledge, we discover - sometimes all too late - that despite having invested so much of our money, it turned out that we invested in the same things that ended up damaging our skin and health

I discovered that through dealing with skin, I succeeded in healing a lot of women. Through the external I reached the internal. I want to share this knowledge with you - this is what I’ve been doing for years. 

Good genetics won’t stop chronic damage to the body (things that damage the body also damage the skin and vice versa), and that starts during our childhood, damage caused by wrong nutrition and skin treatments. This is precisely what I wrote the book about - a result of 12 years’ independent research which included treating hundreds of clients, following their conditions for years, and extensive reading of high-quality updated studies. 

So, update your knowledge using the book I wrote for you, and you’ll be able to fix what’s possible to fix, and make less mistakes in the future. 

This book will place your level of knowledge high above that of most people, who make do with information that they get from commercials and various beauty consultants or nutrition experts (whose aim is to sell products and workshops, and whose reliability, experience and training is to be doubted).

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Ophra Dan is the author of “Treating Your Skin Wisely”, translated from Hebrew by Dorit Renov.